Foods that Keep You Full Throughout the Day

All of us are not exempted to cravings even if we eat the right meals, exercise and take enough vitamins and yet we still crave some foods within the day. For people who have higher metabolism levels, craving some foods won’t be a big problem unlike those with lower metabolism levels and this could lead to weight gain and eventually obesity. If you are in this category of people that easily gain weight, perhaps you should consider these healthy foods that act as a natural appetite suppressant as a new alternative for snacking during the day or night.


Almonds are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, magnesium and it has high source in protein. For over centuries, almonds were known for its health benefits in diets such as lowering cholesterol, reducing the chances of cancer and heart disease. However, there are few people are actually allergic to almonds and any foods that related to it. Apart from that, almonds are great option for in-between snacks.


Ah caffeine! Moderate amount of coffee every morning can help boost your metabolism and make your brain more alert and focus. If you feel tired in the afternoon, a cup of coffee can do wonders to you because coffee can boost your energy levels. Researchers believe that caffeine improves the human brain function such as mood, cognitive function, alertness, memory and energy.


Ginger is an amazing food when it comes to digestion. If you happen to have any stomach discomfort, ginger can help soothe your problem. Whether it is a smoothie, ginger tea or in a dish, ginger knows its role and works by stimulating and energizes the body thus making you feel less hungry throughout the day. It is also the most natural and safest remedy for digestion problem.


Avocado may be fatty but they are not bad for your health. Avocados are packed with fiber and monounsaturated fat. It can help suppress appetite by filling your stomach and telling your brain it is full. In 100 gram of avocado serving contains 26% vitamin K, 20% folate, 17% vitamin C, 14% potassium, 14% vitamin B5, 13% vitamin B6 and 10% vitamin E. Although some people believe that avocado can make you gain weight, I personally believe that this unique food is safe and healthy.


This is perhaps the most favorite type of fruit for most college students. Apples are great choice for snacking or breakfast. Apples are high in fiber and pectin. This amazing fruit balances your glucose level and increase your energy levels. Since apples require a lot of chewing, it can help your body more time to realize you are not hungry. Don’t forget the saying that goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Grab an apple in the market now!


Food experts believe that eating eggs for breakfast can make you feeling full throughout the day. Eggs are classified as one of the super foods because they are filled with nutrients that are important for health. This is practically pretty much the “perfect” food for dieters. Some people argue that eggs contain high cholesterol levels but the truth is that it does not directly affect the blood cholesterol in the body. This is in fact the most nutritious food on earth and if you can get omega-3 or pastured eggs these are even better!


Let us save the best for last! Water is the most convenient way to keep you full and suppressing your hunger. In August 2010 study shown that drinking two glasses of water before meal help lessen the calories in the body and aids in better digestion. Apart from keeping you hydrated, which is a good thing, water boost your energy and helps you recover from fatigue. And who would have thought your heart can also benefits from drinking water. Yes! It is true, if you have enough body fluid in the body your heart will not need to work extra hard to pump blood throughout the body. So, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water everywhere you go!