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All You Need To Know About Forskolin

Similar to the majority of herbs, forskolin is created from a variety of active compounds; however, it is the single tuberous roots of the forskolin that is the most active component. This tuberous root of forskolin is a highly beneficial component that has been used greatly in experimental research studies.

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Studies have shown that the roots of the forskolin herb have the ability to increase levels of CAMP in animals. CAMP is a contraction for the cellular messenger compound cyclic adenosine monophosphate. Research also shows that many healthcare providers utilize forskolin in patient treatment, including eye drops and IVs. The compound can also be used in powder form to treat a variety of complex health conditions. The most popular use of forskolin is in fat reducing formulas; however, it can also be used in products that reduce blood pressure, overcome indigestion difficulties, and maintenance of testosterone levels.

Forskolin can also be used as a supplementary treatment, as determined by a thorough and popular research study. The research was conducted at the University of Kansas, and findings indicated that the compound is effective for losing weight. Males were studied and the methodology included intake of 250 mg of forskolin-containing coleus twice per day. A placebo group was also used to validate results. The results showed that overweight and obese males in the control group lost an average of 7.8 times more body fat than males in the placebo group. Results also showed that the males in the control group gained 35% more bone mass and increased available testosterone in the body by 34%. The control subjects showed an overall improvement in physical mental health and body composition.

The effectiveness of forskolin can be attributed to its ability to stimulate the enzyme adenylyl cyclase directly. This rapid stimulation can activate additional enzymes in cells and tissues; as well as positively affect the concentration of the CAMP compound.

Forskolin is a unique compound in that the changes in CAMP levels are reversible, unlike many other herbal treatment. The reversible effect is possible through the use of additional cellular receptors, such as beta adrenoreceptors. Forskolin is a uncomplicated and dependable compoung which is often used for control groups in clinical studies that are studying the role of CAMP in any capacity.


Health and Fitness: Getting Back in Shape

Getting back in shape can be tough for most people. Perhaps you just have a new baby, new job, a physical injury and other life happenings and realized that you have been taking a long break from exercise – your muscles are slow, your lungs are burning and you just don’t feel right, then it is the right time for you to get back in shape.

Love your body shape, whether you want to tone up or drop down some weight these are the best and easy fitness tips that you can apply for yourself. This is the moment to get real. No more feeling sluggish and low self-confidence with your body. You can now look yourself in the mirror while working out towards your goal.

At first, it might be hard to start. It is like a car parked in a garage for a long time that is how our body looks like. It needs exercise, warming up and a little fix in order for the car to get back on the road. You can’t rush and you can’t immediately jump to intense exercise if your body is not used to it. For example:

  • Your lungs – your lungs are not used to working hard and might have lost its elasticity in which requires you to inhale air with efforts in order to get oxygen in your body.
  • Your blood vessels – living a sedentary lifestyle can decrease your blood volume and make your blood vessels smaller. Due to this, your cells will not be able to take hold of the oxygen from the blood efficiently. Thus your heart has to pump harder in order to produce more oxygen for the muscles.

These are the common sample of what will happen to your body if you have taking a long break from any physical activities or exercises. Moreover, your joints, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles and hips can also feel the pressure and stress when you suddenly push them back into workout habit.

However, the good news is that our body is extremely flexible! Give your body around 2 to 3 weeks of gradual exercise, your brain will adapt the changes and convert more muscles that will make your body moves better. If you have gone through your first 2 to 4 weeks of exercise, start adding some weights and sets and when you reached the 6 weeks point, you can easily be back to the same weights and intensity. Without further ado, I have included three common workouts that can help you get back in shape immediately. It is easy, cheap and applicable to do at home.

#1 Cardio Workouts

I decided to put this on top because this is the perhaps the most effective workout that can easily shed off calories and drop off extra pounds on your body. Cardio workout is known for its benefits for the heart, blood circulation and toned down your body. A 30-minutess of cardio workout can free you from heart disease and obesity. The good thing about cardio workout is that you don’t have to spend big sum of money for gym membership, as a matter of fact, you can do any activities such as running and walking outdoor, swimming, playing tennis and many more.

#2 Strength Workouts

Regardless of what your fitness goals are, you should not neglect strength training as part of your health workout. The benefits of strength training is that it can help increase your metabolism, strength, bones and help you lean out for overweight people and gain body mass for the extremely thin people. You do not have to spend money on expensive things in order to gain muscles; strength training is a routine that works on your muscles. There are a lot of free video tutorials online that can help you do strength training at home without using any equipment at all.

#3 Flexibility Workouts

In order to have a high quality of life and healthy body, always include flexibility as part of your workout routine throughout your whole life. There are plenty of flexibility exercises you can choose that suits your need such as simple stretching, yoga, Pilates, tai chi and the like. These exercises are simple and yet have its own distinct flexibility that allows the body to stretch.

There may be a lot of methods in order to lose weight such as fad diets, pills, fitness equipment or surgery but the most natural, safe and important method is living a healthy lifestyle and follows the basic rules. These basic rules of weight management might take a long time for your body to adjust but it is surely a long lasting and permanent methods. Do not take any diet pills supplements without your doctor’s advice or knowledge. It may be dangerous to your health in the long run or even damages your internal body system. Be wise and choose the natural way!

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Breaking Free from Food Addiction in New Year

Addiction to food is quite rare because everybody needs food in order to survive. Our survival instinct even tells us that we need food to motivate us to get sufficient amount of energy for the body. We may not realize that we are actually suffering from food addiction. Similar to any substances, eating reach the pleasure center in the brain thus creates a certain levels of motivation but it became an addiction when you crave more foods in order experience pleasure.

Foods that are often craved by binge eaters are processed foods that include sugar, flour, fats and salts. These are common foods that overeaters often consumed and eventually develop as part of their habit. With that being said, I decided to prepare a lists of tricks that can actually help you to break free from your unusual high-consumption of food eating this year. Do it committedly and thank me later!


Perhaps the hardest part is to take control of something. But first, assess yourself and see what kind of eater you are. Based on Brian Wansink, Ph.D. and the author of Mindless Eating said that there are five groups of eating habits and assess where you belong:

  • The meal eaters

These people mainly eat during mealtime and usually eat quickly and in big-sized portion of foods. They are often known as the people who have good appetites.

  • The snack eaters

From the word “snack”! These people are snack lovers and often grabbing snacks whenever they can. For them this is the most convenient way of eating anytime and anywhere. They are usually the group of people who uses foods as an outlet of boredom or when they are doing some work or watching TV.

  • The party eaters

These groups of people are normally the professionals or those associate in the corporate world. Food is often associated with meetings, get together, company’s event or for fun parties. Imagine the abundance of alcohol beverages and foods right before their eyes and they can’t seem to avoid it.

  • The restaurant eaters

Let’s admit it; all of us commit this mistake once. Restaurant indulgers are people who are fond of dining out. This can be college students, young professionals and busy parents who don’t have time to prepare meals at home.

  • The workplace eaters

This may sound like it’s not a big deal because it helps you save more time but eating while multitasking on your work can make you unaware of the significant portion of foods you have eaten. These are type of people who do not cook their own food and are not interested in their meal plan every day.


This speaks of how you view foods and how you “fight” it. What usually happens prior to eating or not-eating it is there will be a lot of self-talk going on. Talking or arguing in your mind about whether to eat the food or not can help you make better choices. It is the same thing with a person who wants to jump off a high rock. The longer they wait for the jump, the less chances they will actually jump this is because of the self-talk that’s going on in their minds. Tell and remind yourself of the consequences and your goals before consuming the food.


Believe it or not, most addicts are usually perfectionist people and the same thing goes for the food addicts. As a matter of facts, perfectionism is often associated with food addiction. I am starting to think this is right even without experts’ scientifical proof. I have known some people who have food addiction and surprisingly they were also straight A’s students back in their college days.

How does perfectionism associated with food addiction? Well, here is the truth: perfectionist people are often very detailed about what they eat and how they eat. They will take control of everything from the food they eat and their surroundings. However, we all know that everything can’t be perfect all the time, even if you try harder things will cut loose eventually and this is where eating creeps in – when you feel completely disappointed and frustrated to see that things doesn’t fall into place. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect; as long as it is balance and healthy then live in that lifestyle. You don’t have to be perfect but be happier, you are better that way.


Identify the real physical hunger or just merely “emotional” hunger. If you feel hungry drink plenty of water and wait for few minutes, if you truly are hungry your body will let you know through symptoms like pulsating of the hands, dizziness, fatigue or lethargic feeling. When you eat, don’t immediately stuff in everything in your mouth but instead take the time to munch and eat slowly. This will promote good digestion and your body will tell you if you are satisfied.

I hope through these simple tips you can learn how to break free from emotional eating or food addiction. It is not compulsory that you follow all at once but you can also choose any from the tips and apply them. Be consistent and patience to yourself and as time goes by you can add another tip or more.